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While doing my Master’s in User Experience Design at UC Berkeley, I had to make a decision. Ph.D. in Information Systems or MFA in Art/Architecture. Although I formally chose CS, I have always had a love for art and architecture.

I currently serve proudly on the City of El Cerrito’s Design Review Board along with four fantastic top architects in the Bay Area. We learn quite a bit from each other.

I’ve now designed by own buildings and have also compose art exhibits around the world.

My focus in architecture is “wellness”, space-inspired and sea-worthy structures, as I believe we will live on the oceans long before Mars (sorry Elon…. we’ll get there though.)

I’m currently obsessed by circular architecture, and one of my designs is being reviewed by hand because the planning / building department is unable to check or calculate even the square footage because of the circular nature.

It’s a bold new (circular, cellular inflatable) world.