Introducing dr. patrick riley, ph.d.

Patrick became enlightened to the tech world by MacArthur “Genius” Professor Pamela Samuleson at Berkeley Law School’s Intellectual Property Department, and later Dr. Riley finished his Master’s at Berkeley and lived abroad as Fulbright Fellow in Copenhagen, DK and München, DE. While in Europe, Dr. Riley focused on computer security, RFID, wireless technologies, computer vision, and AI. Dr. Riley finished his doctorate degree from Berkeley while working at numerous technology companies as Director of User Experience and Chief Scientist. Eventually, Dr. Riley created his own startup, Ark, which was accepted into YCombinator in 2012. Ark focused on people search, user experience, social intelligence, massive information retrieval systems, and entity resolution

The next chapter for Patrick is consolidating biology and computer science for radical transformation of the world’s systems and biosphere.