A young family sharing life, laughter and love with best friends you could ask for. Just like on TV. But with really diapers.


MY SWEET JULIA (mysweetjulia.com)

A father films the special moments of his daughter Julia’s milestones, where her giggles are the symphony, where she outgrows our laps but not our need for guidance, support and wisdom, and where Julia’s purely humanistic love for others is able to soften the hearts of even the strongest men.

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HEY adrian! (HEyadrian.com)

A series about the strong calling of a father to his son, Adrian, and the resulting unyielding, everlasting bond they build as they offer the world friendly teases, kind smiles, good acts, and a life of meaningful, therapeutic laughter.

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LOV3R (Lov3r.com)

Like a once forgotten song, a passionate mother reminds us all that a mother’s intimacy is the most powerful force on earth, and unites the family in deep, heartwarming lessons of love. <3.