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As founder of Ark, the largest funded YCombinator company of it’s time, Dr. Riley composed usability, user experience design, and a modern search engine of people. As Director of User Experience, Dr. Riley learned how to execute larger projects by finding the strengths of his direct reports and focusing everyone on the goals of the user.


Ark mail app

Ark Mail is a mobile app that enhances every email by displaying the email sender's social media, contact information, and profile. Ark Mail was designed by Dr. Riley as an improvement over the Gmail App as a showcase of what a company could do with the powerful Ark API.


Ark app

The Ark App’s Social AI automatically enhanced your address book by finding all your contacts social media links and allowed you to search through all your contacts, or through everyone online based on 33 search criteria. The user experience was playful, colorful yet powerful, and designed for the consumer. “Who do I know that works at Google and lives in Los Angeles?” Easy. “Which people should I reach out to to get a legit contact at Snap.” That’s a 2 second query.


Ark audiences app

Ark Audiences is also a mobile app, but designed for power marketing use. Ark Audiences searches through 80 TB of data indexed by Ark, and finds which people in the world expressed an interest or preference for something. Marketing agencies and many others utilized Ark Audiences to find new influencers and build a mass-custom marketing strategy for each preference.

In this example, the user is searching “Toyota” and finding all users that have liked Toyota, Pinned a photo of a Toyota on Pinterest, or expressed positive preference for Toyota on over 20 social networks.


"natural user experience

Mobile devices demand a new approach to everything from email to online shopping. Without the need for old devices like a keyboard and mouse, the user can utilize the years of experiences they have done in their offline life and feel powerful with natural user experiences.

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Delighter ux

Dr. Riley’s understanding of psychology and joyful experiences lead him to design a technique to make any mobile app playful, joyful and powerful. Most importantly, Dr. Riley uses what he calls an “information scent” to make sure the user is confident they know what will happen before they click.